Thursday, January 17, 2019
  • Green Investment Facility is offered to SMEs in three industrial sectors: the food industry, the brick industry and the ceramics industry

  • GIF applies to loans between 400 million to 4 billion VN

  • 50% bank guarantee for bank loan in energy investments

  • Fund 110 billion VND from Denmark

  • #GIF can be applied for projects with a minimum energy savings potential of 20%

  • The SME will be awarded a rebate on the loan of up to 30% if achieved 50% on energy savings

  • The SME will be awarded a rebate on the loan of up to 30% if achieved 50% on energy savings

Hanoi Energy Conservation Center

Hanoi Energy Conservation Center
The Energy Conservation Centre of Ha Noi established pursuant to Decree 916/2008/QD-UBND dated September 26, 2008 of the Hanoi People’ Committee.

Our Center is established by Hanoi People's Committee but it is managed and guided by Hanoi Industrial and Trade department in directly and comprehensive.


Studying and consulting other enterprises on effectively and economically management and use of State’s natural resources.




a) Advising the Director of DoIT in synthesizing energy data, buidling projects and programmes regarding economically and effectively using energy sources (including: coal, petrol, oil, gas, heat, electricity, etc); offering energy audit service as well as technical solutions for energy efficiency in energy consumption units

b) Dianogstizing, measuring and evaluating energy saving result in energy consumption units

c) Consulting, establishing energy standards, technology transfer, equipment for energy efficiency and implementing management models in using effectively and economically energy for organizations and individuals

d) Offering consultancy activities for enterprises to use energy efficiency.

e) Training in terms of energy efficiency for management officers and technical engineers

g) Informing, popularizing and implementing events for energy efficency; for instance, workshops and conferences

h) Planificating energy supply systems (coal, petrol, oil, gas, heat, new energy, renewable energy, etc)

i) Consulting to construct the energy efficiency building, etc.

k) Corporating with national anf international organizations, individuals for providing technical solutions, equipments, technologies for energy efficiency.