Thursday, January 17, 2019
  • Green Investment Facility is offered to SMEs in three industrial sectors: the food industry, the brick industry and the ceramics industry

  • GIF applies to loans between 400 million to 4 billion VN

  • 50% bank guarantee for bank loan in energy investments

  • Fund 110 billion VND from Denmark

  • #GIF can be applied for projects with a minimum energy savings potential of 20%

  • The SME will be awarded a rebate on the loan of up to 30% if achieved 50% on energy savings

  • The SME will be awarded a rebate on the loan of up to 30% if achieved 50% on energy savings

Sharing Danish Experience of EE Promotion with Provinces

The Danish government is sharing experiences of policies and actions to promote energy efficiency in the industrial sector, particularly the SME’s at the workshop on experiences of implementation of the VNEEP program in the South arranged by the DOIT of Dong Thap for DOIT on October 16, 2015.

At the workshop, Mrs.Nethe Laursen of Danish Energy Agency presented key Danish experiences. A total of about 50 representatives of DOITs of a number of Southern provinces took part in the workshop. 

Mrs. Nethe Laursen of Danish Energy Agency delivered her speech

Further, meetings were held with representatives of four DOITs. Two of these, HCMC and Can Tho expressed interest in working more closely with Danish Energy Agency on energy efficiency policy development.

Prior to this event, DEA has developed a catalogue of most relevant Danish energy efficiency policy experiences. The catalogue can be found here (to be made as link to the catalogue on the web page).

The provinces are particularly interested in making more use of the Green Investment Facility, which was developed under the LCEE project. They also want to see the scope of the Fund being expanded to cover more sectors and particularly also larger companies and not only SME’s.

The provinces also expressed interest in other Danish experience, including:

- Sharing technology guidelines for energy efficient industrial equipment

- Sharing documents regarding simplified energy management schemes which can be implemented also in SME’s

- Sharing of Danish experience of negotiating an obligation of the energy supply companies to implement a certain minimum of energy efficiency projects each year

- Implementation of voluntary agreements with enterprises on implementation of energy management.

- How to establish where to find the largest potentials for energy efficiency ‘

- Shift from fossil fuels (oil and coal) to renewable energy.

During the coming week, DEA together with the Vietnamese consulting company EPRO will discuss cooperation with other provinces. Based on these consultations, a number of topics will be selected for cooperation.

Article of DEA Consultant: Jorgen Hvid